TEAM Whathefuck….A Team?….Not Really!

Mountain biking is not really a team sport.   Mountain biking is one of those outdoor sports that challenge an individual mentally and physically.  Our “TEAM” consists of individual athletes that thrive on individual sports. We are also avid participants in other solo sports such as surfing, windsurfing, adventure racing, golfing, rock climbing, backpacking, fishing, off road racing, skiing, snowboarding, and motocross.

Mountain biking is a mental and physical confrontation between you and yourself.  But it's nice to have others to share the pain and accomplishment of a good hard ride with….therefore the “Team” concept.  Sharing the experience is really why you even bother to ride with anyone else.


After good ride of pushing yourself to your mental and physical limits of endurance there is also the unspoken pleasure in the “bragging rights" of finishing a ride in a respectable place in the pecking order. Did I mention veranderizing after a ride as another motivational factor?

We are not a team; we are a bunch of enthusiastic mountain bikers who meet a few times a week to enjoy the challenge of the ride and the camaraderie.

Did I mention the veranderizing?

"What is Veranderizing?" you may be asking yourself...well there is a entire webpage on our site dedicated to the art of Veranderizing.

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There and Back Again

Over the years since I first threw a leg over that magical mountain bike I’ve gone on to ride in some very special places, with some incredible people. I’ve learned to suffer the climb with stoic resolve and have found that there is beauty still in solitude. My bike is like a balm for my soul – more necessary than ever during this brutish age in which we live. It helps me keep the child inside alive and well and gives me the strength to live life fully – without artifice or hollow props. And it brings me closer again to the things that really matter – stripping the false veneer from this modern life allowing the vibrant colors and smells and textures of nature to flood my senses and rekindle my spirit.

Every ride is unique – I’ve learned that even though I may have ridden a trail many times, there’s always something different to be found. Whether within or without, a new experience is waiting to happen – the trick is to remember to open my mind. Capturing meaningful moments in time is a gift, and I look forward to many more. Every memory is a placeholder in time and they mark my progress as both a rider and a person.

“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.”  H.G. Wells

Trail Building

Those of us who enjoy riding don't often recognize the physical labor that goes into building a new trail. As we push our pedals over fresh cut singletrack, rarely do we take a moment to notice the amount of work that is involved in its creation. Nailing in a pallet or preparing a side hill can take hours...these hours can transform themselves into days, or even months, of hard work.

There is an art to building mountain bike trails. It takes creativity to link together pieces of the natural world. Rocks, roots and ridgelines all must come together in a masterpiece of flowing singletrack. This task becomes meditation. The simple reward for this effort will come in the rolling of knobby tires over fresh dirt plus a smile of satisfaction when you hear the hoots and hollers of your buddies riding your trail for the first time. 

Dan working on the "Dan Juan Trail", Weedpatch, CA.